Dr. Maria Montessori quoted

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child “


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We, at chisel Montessori imbibe the essence of Dr Maria Montessori’s Vision.Our Environment is primarily categorised into 3 groups: Toddler, Primary and Elementary.


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chisel follows Montessori curriculum that is designed around the child. The curriculum falls and fits in response to the child to develop their interest and innate capacities at different developmental stages. We present to them keys of knowledge that layers year upon year in a spiral curriculum over the time they are in Montessori environment.

A place for Alternative Thinkers

Visit our dedicated space which displays the Alternative Thinkers of the chisel family.

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We believe in Nurturing the young souls in an empowering environment of love, care towards a purposeful living by focusing on the whole child in body, mind & spirit.

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What Parents are Saying

"As parents, we are very satisfied with the school’s way of teaching. The teachers are kind & give attention to every single child, they patiently listen to the child’s opinions which is very important. Our child has become more independent, confident & open-minded."

-Keshava’s Parents


"You have a very healthy school environment. My son always wants to go to school.I am very happy that he is going to complete 1.5 years in chisel, & also wish to continue the same in upcoming years. Thanking all the teachers and special thanks to Aaya Ammas who take care of the children in all aspects."

-Mithran’s Parents

"Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful environment today.I think your environment is very fruitful & children there get an opportunity to express themselves without fear of anyone. You have created a space for learning in the best way.It made me feel so happy to see children learning the way they like to.I am from a traditional school & i haven’t been in a space like this before."

-Reviewer from external school

"Going down the memory lane, I first saw the advertisement about chisel Montessori School on a roadside hoarding. We intended to join our daughter in a traditional play-school. We visited many schools & weren't satisfied until we came to chisel for enquiry. We were late entrant for the academic year & Brinda, you were kind enough to give us orientation twice. We were satisfied & confident that the school could offer more than what we both imagined. Within a few days we felt good, seeing the changes in Srinidhi, the way she observed, related & learnt. That's when we felt more happy to continue here & "evolve" as the School's caption.I am a firm believer of good fortunes, & this is for sure a good fortune for my child. Thank god that a random enquiry visit ended up to be a good beginning & excellent pathway for my child. Thanks!"

-Srinidhi's Parents