Learn By Doing

The Montessori curriculum believes that the children learn and remember well when they do an activity by themselves. Our staffs guide the children by giving a presentation of the activity. The observant children understand each presentation and keep on practising over a period of time till they have acquired and refined the skill. 

Beyond the Books

We believe that knowledge is just not restricted within the walls of the school premises. We take the younger children to explore the working of nature in child-friendly environments. As a child grows and steps into the elementary environment, the children are exposed to adventurous field trips to marvel the beauty of nature and equip themselves for their life. 


For Admission in chisel Montessori School the child should have completed 2 years as on the date of joining. If you are considering our school for your child’s Montessori education, you can plan for a visit to the school by calling the office  and schedule an appointment at your preferable time slot 8:00 am – 9:00 am OR 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Mon-Fri). Parents who wish to pursue their child’s Montessori learning journey with us, are requested to look at the below resources for a better understanding of the Montessori Philosophy and the environment.

premise visit

Parents can have a tour of our school campus and are recommended to schedule a time to observe the classroom and children in session. The Montessori way of learning has to be seen to believe, and for better understanding which makes it distinct from other traditional schools.


 After your visit, if you feel chisel Montessori is the right place for your child you can request, fill and submit the application form.


Before your scheduled visit to chisel Montessori.

The Montessori curriculum is different from traditional school methods. We would request parents to visit the below web resources to have a better insight into the Montessori method of learning.



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